Claire E. Jacobs, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Jacobs' Practice:

Dr Jacobs works with people experiencing concerns in a variety of areas, including problems with:

Dr. Jacobs' Office Location:

Dr. Jacobs' office is located at
14607 San Pedro 
(on the South-bound access road of 281, between the Oak Shadows/Winding Way exit and Bitters Rd)

Her office is in the One Village Park building, 
Suite 295 
(on the second floor, turn right and go all the way down the hall to last office on the right)

Front view of Dr. Jacobs' office building as seen from 281

Dr. Jacobs' Office Phone:
210-403-9890 fax
Dr. Jacobs' Email:
To Make an Appointment:
Contact Dr. Jacobs' office at 210-403-2050 to schedule an appointment.  Dr. Jacobs sees patients Monday through Friday with some early morning and after-school appointment times available.  Please note, however, that Dr. Jacobs' schedule fills up quickly.  If you feel that you need to be seen sooner than your scheduled appointment, please email Dr. Jacobs or let the office staff know and they will do what they can to find an earlier appointment date for you. 
In preparation for your first appointment with Dr. Jacobs, please download the initial intake forms (Child Forms)  (Adult Forms), or give the office a call and our office staff will be happy to email the initial intake forms to you upon request.  Appointments are generally about 50 minutes. 
Insurance/Billing Inquiries:
Contact our office at 210-403-2050 to see if Dr. Jacobs is on your  insurance panel, to verify your insurance benefits, to obtain authorization for services, or to ask any billing questions.  Among the insurance plans that Dr. Jacobs currently accepts are: TriCare and Medicare (part B). 
If you decide to use insurance for your visits with Dr. Jacobs, our office will be happy to help file the necessary forms for you and to accept payment directly from your insurance company if you prefer.  Please be aware, however, that you are ultimately responsible for all charges, including any payments denied by your insurance company, as well as any applicable deductible or co-pay amounts.  Be aware, also, that some services may not be covered by your insurance.  Marital therapy or couples counseling, consultation for legal issues, academic assessment, and sessions by phone, for example, are often not covered by insurance, so be sure to discuss this with the office staff or with your insurance company if you have any questions about charges for these services.  Payment is expected at the time of service.  For your convenience, our office accepts most credit cards, as well as checks and cash payments.
Your privacy is very important to us.  Confidentiality is a basic ingredient in therapy, so that all patients can feel secure knowing that what they discuss in therapy will not be revealed to anyone else without their approval.  There are certain legal exceptions to confidentiality, however, that Dr. Jacobs will be happy to discuss with you.  Please feel free to review Dr. Jacobs' Privacy Policy.
Call 210-403-2050
to schedule an appointment!
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