Claire E. Jacobs, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist
Welcome to 
Dr. Claire Jacob's 

14607 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 295
San Antonio, Texas, 78232

Phone: 210-403-2050
Fax: 210-403-9890

I am a Clinical Psychologist who sees patients in my private practice office, located on the north side of San Antonio.  I work with people of all ages, adults, teenagers, 
and children. 
I work with people experiencing concerns in a variety of areas, 
including problems with:
Coping or Stress Management
Relationships and Communication
LGBT Issues
Attention Deficit
Memory Loss
Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation

I have over 25 years of experience helping people achieve their personal goals.  Patients have described me as friendly, warm, open-minded, optimistic, and compassionate. I work with patients to identify their personal strengths and help them learn to use these strengths to address the challenges they're facing and make desired changes in their lives.  I provide constructive feedback in a supportive environment.  My warm and relaxed style, together with her sense of humor, quickly put her patients at ease.
    My eclectic approach to therapy lets me use a broad range of tools, including solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and client-centered approaches.  I use therapeutic strategies chosen for each patient's particular personality style and specific situation.  Many patients benefit from focusing on developing improved coping skills and improved communication techniques.
    It is very important that you feel comfortable with your therapist.  A good match is a must!  Before you decide on which therapist is right for you, be sure you get any questions you might have answered to your satisfaction.  When the time is right for you, Dr. Jacobs and her office staff would be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

    Call 210-403-2050 to schedule an appointment!

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